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Antique Jewelry

What can I say?  I’m a girl.  Shiny things attract me.  I like wearing jewelry, I like looking at jewelry, and I like thinking about jewelry.  And if you’ve read the “About My Fabrics” page, you’ll know that I’m a vintageophile.

Who knows where it began?  My mother started giving me pieces of family jewelry early on.  I wear my Grandmother’s diamond wedding band along with my wedding band and I’ve had my Great-Grandfather’s gold signet ring on my left middle finger for 40 years.  It rarely comes off.  Wearing old pieces of jewelry makes me feel looked-after, as if the previous owners are with me, have my back.  So I’m crazy, I think they bring good luck.

Just now, I’m intriqued by mid-century costume jewelry—-1950s and 60s.  My mother tells me that after the Second World War, there were many fine jewellers with no fine jewels to work with.  These guys continued on, making their gorgeous jewelry, just out of lesser materials.  So, you find rhinestone and crystal brooches set just as nicely into gold metal as if they were diamonds and rubies and platinum.  I knew they were good, they feel good, heavy and substantial, as well as beautiful.

I’m nuts about beaded multi-stranded necklaces, lariat-style chains and pearls, dangling glass beads and crystals, filigree and enamel and tassels, and chains chains chains! In silver and gold, with pendants—watch pendants, atomic, mod-looking pendants, lockets and tiny jewelled boxes that open to hide your secrets…..Ooh la la!  And that’s just the necklaces.

The prices for new good-quality costume jewelry found at retail stores have gone sky-high, check it out.  I’m excited to be able to offer great-quality, unusual and beautiful jewelry from the turn of the last century up to the 1980s at a reasonable cost.  Go vintage!  Shop Chris Martin Designs!  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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